Damp and Wood Treatment Services

Damp and Wood treatment for Builders and Developers
Here are some of the services we provide, and the problems we treat. If there is anything damp-related which is not here, please ask any member of our team on 01923 663322!

rising damp treatment watfordRising Damp

Although any indication of dampness in the lower part of the wall is often diagnosed to be ‘Rising Damp,’ it is essential for expert diagnosis to be made, if unnecessary and costly procedures are to be avoided.

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basement waterproofing watford londonBasement Waterproofing

Where floors and walls are below ground level, these will always be subject to water penetration. Our waterproofing system can make these areas dry and habitable once again.

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dry rot treatment watford LondonDry Rot

The true Dry Rot fungus is formerly known as a brown rot, causing large cuboidal shaped cracks (i.e. square fractures) Usually occurs in timber in contact with damp brickwork and poorly ventilated conditions.

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woodworm treatment Dampcure Watford LondonWoodworm

The term ‘woodworm’ actually refers to the pupa which pores through the wood. The active life cycle of the woodworm species can vary anywhere from 1 to 14 years.

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Wet Rot treatment Dampcure Woodcure Watford LondonWet Rot

Commonly known as ‘mine fungus’, it often has the same fungal characteristics as Dry Rot. There are several species so a thorough investigation is necessary for an accurate cure.

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Condensation treatment Dampcure Woodcure Watford LondonCondensation

Condensation is the major form of dampness affecting properties throughout the country. It is caused simply by water vapour in the atmosphere, forming water droplets.

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Specialised plastering by Dampcure Woodcure Watford LondonPlastering

Specialised interior & exterior plastering works.

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