Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing by Dampcure Woodcure Watford

Cavity Drain Membrane

This method can be viewed as a water management system, and is ideal for situations where there is a significant amount of moisture building up on a regular basis. Any water that comes into the basement is kept behind the wall membrane. It falls into a base drain, and is then removed by a pump. This does not add any stresses to the existing building, and can be installed over existing surfaces with minimal disruption and inconvenience to you.

Basement waterproofing using a membrane enables a dust-free installation, and particularly in listed buildings, ensures that the shape of the structure is not lost. The system has a wide range of options available, which enables you to select floor and wall finishes suitable for the building, and your requirements.

Dampcure-Woodcure’s skilled technicians can turn your dark and cold cellar into a warm and vibrant living space. We offer a 10 year guarantee on all membrane installations, so you can rest assured that your basement will remain totally dry.

We are members of the Property Care Association approved scheme for waterproofing.

Cementitious Structural Waterproofing

The cementitious water proofing system, when applied, becomes part of the structure, so requires the removal of existing plaster, render and floor screed. The cement render contains waterproofing compounds to keep water out.

​Further preparation of brick work and floor slab may be needed in order to achieve a good key for a long term functioning system. The images below show our team removing plaster and smoothing exposed brickwork (‘scabbling’), laying new floor screeds, and cement render.

In sites with lots of angles and flat soffits, this system may be preferred, as the cavity drain system needs a natural fall to enable passage of water. Furthermore this system does not require ongoing maintenance, in terms of servicing for a sump pump.

This work is also covered by our 10 year Guarantee.

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