Dampcure Woodcure – Our Story

Darling family Dampcure Woodcure Watford

Dampcure-Woodcure/30 Ltd was established in 1959 by my father and his father before him, George Darling, who started by building and refurbishing properties.

​They found that the older properties suffered with rising damp, woodworm problems and wet cellars/basements which needed treating. This is when Dampcure Woodcure was born. Ever since we have been treating houses and bigger projects such as Schools, Hotels, Prisons, and more.

From our office staff, through to our surveyors and site technicians, all are staff are professional and skilled workers, and are all highly valued members of the team. Our continuity of staff enables us to offer a consistently high level of customer service, and many of our commercial customers continue to come back to us year after year.

Sadly my father and mother, who ran Dampcure / Woodcure together, both passed away in 2021 from covid. But despite changes to the management of the business, the teams on the ground have not changed, and we continue to offer the same friendly service, and the same range of services to protect your property for years to come.

Claire Darling

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