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Dampcure-Woodcure/30 Ltd have an experienced team of surveyors who have the knowledge and experience in order to determine the best method to waterproof your basement.

Over the recent years, the increasing need for client's space is apparent and this often results in converting basements, as an alternative to moving properties. 

There are two main methods of basement waterproofing that we offer; cementitious waterproofing and cavity drain membrane. The method that will be recommended to you is dependent on the site conditions, availability of space and desired expectations of use.

Cavity Drain Membrane

This method is considered to be a water management system, any water that comes into the basement behind the wall membrane or base drain is then drained out via the sump pump. This does not bear induced stresses to the existing substrate and can be installed over existing surfaces at very minimal disruption and inconvenience to you.


This picture shows the initial installation procedure of our high density Polyethylene membrane, which controls the flow of water via our drain detail.

Basement waterproofing has evolved; its easiness enables a dust free installation and in particularly in listed buildings ensures that decorative details are not lost. Due to the many options available from the cavity drain system, floor and wall finishes can be more personal which gives the client an extra confidence of their desired finish.

Dampcure-Woodcure/30 Ltd drain detail as shown enables free passage of water which is collected from behind our wall membrane and safely and securely enters a sump pump, which in turn removes excess water.

Dampcure-Woodcure/30 Ltd have the skilled technicians to turn your once dark and cold cellar into a warm and vibrant living space. We in turn can offer our 10 year guarantee, so you can rest assured of a totally dry environment.

We are members of the property care approved scheme for waterproofing so you can be reassured that your investment will be reflected in the increased valuation of your property.

Cementitious structural waterproofing

The Cementitious water proofing system, when applied becomes part of the structure, so therefore requires the removal of existing plaster, render and floor screed.

Further preparation of brick work and floor slab may be needed in order to achieve a good key for a long term functioning system. The first picture shows signs of lateral damp penetration and a breakdown of the old system.




In sites with lots of angles and flat soffit this system maybe preferred as the cavity drain system needs a natural fall to enable passage of water. Furthermore this system does not require maintenance in terms of servicing for a sump pump.

This work is covered by our 10 year Guarantee.

For more information on Basement Waterproofing in London please contact us today.


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